Clinical Trial Information

If you or someone you know had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) would you know where to turn for the latest information about clinical trials underway in the United States? Probably not. In fact, only about 2% of cancer patients ever participate in a clinical trial. Still, NHL patients aware of clinical trials at hospitals, clinics or medical institutions in their region are often eager to take part. We at IDEC Pharmaceuticals wish to encourage NHL patients to weigh the pros and the cons of participating in clinical trials.

The risks of experimental therapy are not fully known and must be carefully considered. However, sometimes, clinical trials improve the quality of life, if not prolong life. We believe those who take part in clinical trials are hidden heroes in the fight against NHL. If it weren’t for their courage and commitment to new treatment options, medical progress would halt and new drugs would never reach their fellow patients.

Consider “Hidden Heroes: The Clinical Trials Resource Guide” as a helpful starting point for understanding: what a clinical trial is, why one might participate in one, and the patient advocacy organizations and informative websites that offer NHL patients and their families one of life’s most precious gifts—hope.