The IDEC Internship Program is designed to provide interns with a strong learning environment. The Program’s objectives are to establish job expectations which fully challenge your abilities, and to instill a passion for science which will help you successfully complete your education and encourage you to return to IDEC to pursue your career goals. By mentoring promising students, we are renewing our pipeline of talent for IDEC’s future success.

All interns receive a stipend; the amount varies depending on the individual’s level of experience and education.

Internships are offered in the following areas:
• Biopharmaceutical Sciences(Manufacturing Sciences)
• Quality Assurance
• Quality Control
• Research & Preclinical Development
• Engineering – Facilities
• Clinical Research
• Medical Affairs
• Information Technology
• Process Sciences
• Validation
• General & Administrative

(Human Resources, Legal, Accounting/Finance, IT)
• Sales & Marketing

As a prospective intern, you will be interviewed and selected by a mentor, the person who will define your project, train, coach, and serve as an overall role model during your internship at IDEC. You should have the skills required or the ability and desire to develop those skills, along with a strong work ethic. After selection, you and your mentor will attend an orientation to discuss the purpose of the program, company philosophy and timeline of events during the internship. Internship duration generally ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on project timeline.

To Apply
Internships for 2002 are conducted during the summer, beginning on June 24, 2002. We are accepting summer applications until May 10, 2002. We are encouraging both college and graduate students to apply. If you are interested in applying for a summer 2002 internship with us, please send a letter of introduction, specifying the area of interest you have, along with your resume and references to hr_info@idecpharm.cdmail.biz.

Or mail to:
Human Resources
Attn: Jami Palumbo
IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation
3030 Callan Road
San Diego, CA 92121