Partner with Biogen Idec

At Biogen Idec we strive to create new standards in healthcare by developing innovative and effective therapeutic products. Alliances are a central element of our growth strategy to strengthen Biogen Idec’s existing franchises and expertise in neurology, oncology, immunology, rheumatology, cardiovascular and other specialty markets. We have allocated significant financial and corporate resources to these strategic alliances.

Biogen Idec has outstanding resources for product development and commercialization globally, as well as great expertise and capacity in biomanufacturing.

Equally important is our unparalleled commitment to success.

We actively seek collaborative opportunities through strategic alliances in Business Development and through our Biogen Idec Innovation Incubator (bi3) . As part of our Biogen Idec New Ventures opportunities, we participate as investors in venture-backed companies to support innovative human therapeutic products and technologies.

We welcome your interest in collaborating with Biogen Idec.