Investment Focus

New Ventures

New Ventures is Biogen Idec’s corporate venture group, which was formed in 2004 with an initial commitment of $100 million for strategic investments in emerging biotech companies. Our strategy is to select investments in companies developing innovative human therapeutic products or technologies that will drive product discovery and development more efficiently. We want our equity investment to be the basis for relationship building with company founders, their companies and their other investors. Once investments are made, our intent is to stay engaged with the portfolio companies and to provide assistance through our global resources and experience to help ensure their success.

Our specific areas of interest are companies in Biogen Idec’s current therapeutic areas of neurology, oncology and immunology/inflammation, but we also seek opportunities outside our current therapeutic areas that fit our strategies for longer-term growth. We will invest at all stages of development but expect most of our investments to be in early stage companies. We also look for investment opportunities where we can leverage Biogen Idec’s resources and scientific and development expertise to support our investments.

Initial Investment Size

Our typical initial investment is between $1 and $5 million and we expect to participate in subsequent financings.

Contact us at:

Biogen Idec New Ventures
5200 Research Place
San Diego, CA 92122