Biogen Idec Grant Committee

The handles requests for support for most healthcare-related organizations in the U.S. Support may be charitable contributions to public charities (e.g., the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society) or educational grants to foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical and health care issues that contribute to the improvement of patient care and healthcare provider education. For more information on independent medical education (“IME”), Educational Grants and Fundraising Sponsorships please see Biogen Idec’s U.S. Commercial Business Ethics Policy.

Guidelines of the Grant Committee

The Guidelines document includes information on eligibility criteria for support, organization/programs not eligible for support, areas of interest, submission of applications, the review process and records. Please read this document in its entirety prior to submitting an application.

Guidelines and Application for Educational Grants

Educational Grants may be made forbona fideeducational purposes, including for supporting: (a) independent medical education (“IME”) programs; (b) educational programs for the local community; (c) programs intended to educate healthcare providers; (d) health-related public conferences and symposia; (e) scholarships or fellowships for healthcare professionals-in-training to attend major educational events; or (f) the development and/or distribution of educational materials (e.g., disease awareness communications).

Please read the Biogen Idec Guidelines for Educational Grants prior to submitting the completed Educational Grant Application to the .

Guidelines and Application for Educational Grants

Guidelines for Charitable Contributions and Fundraising Sponsorship Application

Charitable contributions may be made for events that are devoted solely to fundraising efforts, and other events or programs that do not directly involve delivery of healthcare or provision of educational programs for healthcare providers or patients. (e.g., National Multiple Sclerosis Society “MS 150 Bike Ride”, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Light the Night”).

Please read the Biogen Idec Guidelines for Charitable Contributions prior to submitting the completed Fundraising Sponsorship Application to the .

Guidelines and Application for Fundraising Sponsorship