Community Lab

Located within the company’s research buildings, the Biogen Idec is designed to help transform today’s young students into the discoverers of tomorrow. The , open to local middle and high school students and teachers, operates teaching laboratories at Biogen Idec’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA and at its research and corporate campus in San Diego, CA . All programs are offered at no cost to the community.

A unique aspect of the program is that it takes students out of the classroom and brings them into a working environment where science is applied everyday. By giving students a chance to interact with scientists and providing an opportunity to do science using sophisticated equipment, the community Lab can impact a larger number of students in a small way and a few students profoundly.

Scientists and teachers lead the instruction and offer insights on working at one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Biogen Idec employees also volunteer as lab assistants, speakers, and mentors. Throughout the academic school year, the hosts class visits, professional development seminars for teachers, and student mentoring.

If you want to know a bit more about biotechnology, check out our Biotechnology Glossary .

Examples of Student Science Posters

From Blue To Green: It’s all in the Gene


Mean Green Flourescent Protein

The Green Monster

Antibodies For Algernon

Ooooo Antibody

The following scientific posters are the work product of high school students, not trained scientists or researchers, and may contain errors and inaccurate conclusions. However, they are a record of actual science experiments conducted by students in the Biogen Idec .

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