Executive Profiles

Chuck Howe
Vice President, Sales

Chuck Howe was promoted to Vice President, Sales in 2001. He is responsible for the field sales force, customer service, sales operations and administration, healthcare economics and reimbursement. He also works closely with Genentech, IDEC’s partner with Rituxan, in developing strategies and tactics to maximize awareness and utilization by health care professionals.

Mr. Howe joined IDEC in January 1997 as the Director of National Sales. Under Howe’s leadership, the sales team has helped establish Rituxan as one of the most widely prescribed therapeutic agents for the treatment of certain types of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. Recently, his IDEC sales team launched Zevalin, the first radioimmunotherapy for the treatment of certain B cell NHLs.
Prior to joining IDEC, Mr. Howe Sequus from 1995-1997.

Previously, he was with US Bioscience. He graduated from Shorter College, Rome, GA in bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry in 1977.