Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are a key component of Biogen Idec’s business. We have streamlined our process, from deal making to alliance management, to be a first-rate partner for the biotechnology industry. We are always seeking partners in areas of strategic interest, including neurology, oncology, dermatology and rheumatology. From experience we know that it is not sufficient to choose partners solely on the basis of complementary products and capabilities, but it is equally critical to have compatibility of cultures and vision for an enduring, committed partnership. Biogen Idec offers companies research and development expertise, leading manufacturing capacity, a strong financial foundation and global infrastructure in sales and marketing.

The company’s capability in biologics manufacturing is world-class at a time when manufacturing resources in the industry are limited. The company has three licensed and dedicated facilities for protein manufacturing, including a large-scale manufacturing facility in Research Triangle Park, NC with 90,000 liters of bioreactor capacity. A similar large-scale facility is under construction in Oceanside, CA.

Biogen Idec brings considerable resources to collaborations as the world’s third-largest biotechnology company as well as flexibility and a track record of making partnerships work. The company was recently honored with the BioBusiness Network’s Innovative Bio-Partnering Award.