BIOGEN IDEC research is focused in fields where the company is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise in biological science to discover and develop products with high commercial potential that address areas of high unmet need.

Some research projects in the pipeline include:

BAFF Inhibitor

Yttrium-labeled Engineered Antibodies

Inhibitors of the pathway may have therapeutic applications in multiple neurological conditions. The receptor is a newly identified molecule that is a critical inhibitor to the lack of nerve regeneration after central nervous system injury. Blocking the receptor could help reverse damage caused by spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. BIOGEN IDEC and Genentech, Inc. are collaborating on the research and development of a BR3 (BAFF-R) protein therapeutic first identified by Biogen. The protein is a B-cell activating factor receptor of the TNF family and is a key target for developing drugs to treat disorders associated with abnormal B-lymphocyte activity, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. BIOGEN IDEC researchers are also applying their expertise in yttrium-labeling to develop new forms of engineered antibodies against antigens expressed preferentially on solid tumors. Smaller than conventional monoclonal antibodies, these engineered antibodies may more effectively penetrate tumors, thus better targeting their radioactive payload. At the same time, the engineered antibodies clear more rapidly from circulation than conventional monoclonals, offering the potential for greater safety to bone marrow and other normal tissues.