Product Candidate: IDEC-151/CLENOLIXIMAB (anti-CD4)


IDEC-151 (Clenoliximab) targets the CD4 receptor that appears on helper T cells. These T cells play a central role in both inducing and perpetuating response by directing the actions of other immune system cells.

Once bound to CD4, IDEC-151 is thought to block that receptor’s function, and thus prevents the helper T cell from becoming activated without seriously affecting other immune system functions. By regulating the activity of the cell that triggers harmful inflammation, anti-CD4 therapy may provide a longer acting and potentially less toxic alternative to current treatments for a variety of inflammatory diseases.

Clinical Trials Update
IDEC and its partner SmithKline Beecham (SB) clinically tested IDEC-151 in Phase I and Phase II studies in rheumatoid arthritis. In February 1999 SB discontinued development of IDEC-151 in rheumatoid arthritis. Currently, both companies are reevaluating strategies for IDEC-151.