Product Candidate: IDEC-114 (anti-B7-1)


IDEC-114 is a PRIMATIZED® anti-B7-1 (CD80) monoclonal antibody that selectively targets an important co-stimulatory molecule on antigen-presenting cells. The antibody inhibits the binding of the B7-1 ligand on antigen-presenting cells to the CD28 receptor on T cells, thus blocking the second signal for inflammatory T-cell activation.

Inappropriately activated T cells are implicated in many autoimmune disorders, making IDEC-114 potentially useful in a wide variety of disease states. IDEC is developing anti-B7 antibodies with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, which holds product commercialization rights in Asia.

Clinical Trial Update
IDEC has initiated a Phase I/II clinical trial of its PRIMATIZED® anti-B7-1 monoclonal antibody, IDEC-114, for the treatment of psoriasis. The study will evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and potential activity of multiple doses of the investigational agent.