Phase III Clinical Program Expected to Begin in 2004

Biogen, Inc. (NASDAQ/BGEN) today announced it has licensed from Fumapharm AG exclusive rights to develop and market a new oral therapy for psoriasis entering Phase III clinical trials in Europe. The product is a second-generation fumarate derivative with an immunomodulatory mechanism of action. A first-generation product is currently marketed as FUMADERM® in Germany, where it is the leading prescription for oral systemic treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis.

Under the agreement, Biogen will receive worldwide development and marketing rights, excluding Germany. Financial terms of the agreement were not released.

Fumapharm has completed a Phase II clinical trial of the second-generation product in psoriasis. Results of this double blind, multi-center study will be announced at an upcoming dermatology conference. Biogen plans to collaborate with Fumapharm to accelerate the Phase III clinical development and registration program worldwide.

“This license agreement is one more step in continuing to strengthen and expand our pipeline in our core biologic and therapeutic areas of focus,” said James C. Mullen, Chairman and CEO of Biogen. “Our understanding of autoimmune diseases is a company strength and through the development and launch of the first biologic treatment approved for psoriasis, we have gained a keen scientific understanding of the disease and built a strong commercial foundation for bringing dermatology products to market. The success of FUMADERM in Germany as the leading oral systemic treatment for psoriasis is very encouraging. Bringing this innovative therapy forward is one more step Biogen can take toward improving the lives of people coping with this chronic disease.”

“Twenty years following the establishment of Fumapharm AG, and nine years after approval of FUMADERM in Germany, Fumapharm has partnered with Biogen – one of the most innovative and leading companies in the worldwide pharmaceutical market – on the further development of our improved fumarate derivative,” said Dr. Hans Peter Strebel, President and CEO of Fumapharm.

“Biogen and Fumapharm will work closely together to fully utilize the potential of this promising product with the goal of providing a successful therapy directed initially to treat psoriasis patients worldwide. This license agreement provides not only the resources, but also combines the know-how necessary to conduct all stages of research, development and marketing. Fumapharm and Biogen are well under way to define the future together,” Dr. Strebel said.

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