Mission Statement and Core Values


IDEC’S Mission Statement

IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a leader in the development of targeted immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company’s products act chiefly through immune system mechanisms, exerting their effect by binding to specific, readily targeted immune cells in the patient’s blood or lymphatic system. In human clinical trials, IDEC’s immunotherapies have demonstrated long-lasting therapeutic effects, low toxicity and few side effects, potentially providing significant improvements over currently available treatments. In addition, IDEC’s products offer opportunities for outpatient administration, providing the prospect to reduce overall treatment costs.

Core Values

Creation of New Standards of Care:IDEC is driven by opportunities to discover, develop, manufacture and support the commercial applications of innovative, value-added therapeutic agents which establish new standards of care in the management of selected cancers and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Quality:Our personal and corporate actions are founded in trust, honesty and integrity. Our products meet the highest quality standards.

Team as a Source of Strength:We embrace the team as the source of achievement, momentum and value creation. We recognize that the most effective teams draw strength from diverse groups and from diverse levels throughout the corporation.

Zeal and Commitment:Extraordinary teams and extraordinary products come from our zeal, and from our commitment to corporate objectives and to our constituencies: patients, caregivers, shareholders and employees.

Growth, Transformation and Renewal:Consistent with our Core Values, we as individuals and as a corporation are committed to creative and constructive growth, transformation and renewal as a source of innovation and vitality.