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In the mid-1970s many hailed monoclonal antibodies, so-called “magic bullets,” as a medical breakthrough. Unfortunately, most early treatments fell short of their therapeutic promise. Today, a new generation of engineered antibodies developed by IDEC Pharmaceuticals is proving that the technology works and has the potential to make a significant difference in patients’ lives.

The First Monoclonal Antibody Approved
In November 1997, IDEC received FDA approval of a monoclonal antibody called Rituxan® (Rituximab) to treat relapsed or refractory, low-grade or follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (NHL) – the first approved monoclonal antibody to treat cancer. Today Rituxan is the most frequently used regimen in the treatment of NHL in the United States.

Rituxan offers hope to the more than 260,000 Americans who suffer from this normally fatal malignancy of the body’s antibody-producing cells. Rituxan’s appeal, in part, is its effectiveness in treating lymphoma without the same side effects of conventional therapies – chemotherapy and external beam radiation therapy.

Rituxan received EMEA approval from the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products in June 1998 and we are awaiting approval in Japan.

Combining an Antibody with Radiation
Rituxan is just the first step in our plan to offer a full range of treatment alternatives for managing NHL. IDEC is combining a complementary product to Rituxan, called ZEVALIN TM (Ibritumomab Tiuxetan), formerly IDEC-Y2B8. This investigational therapy, which is in Phase III clinical trials, combines the targeting power of monoclonal antibodies with the cancer-killing ability of radiation.

In addition to targeted therapies for cancer, IDEC is also developing improved treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as lupus, psoriasis and asthma.

Through our website I invite you to explore the world of IDEC Pharmaceuticals and discover what drives our dedicated employees with the help of our corporate partners to research, develop and commercialize important therapeutic agents to patients worldwide.

William H. Rastetter, Ph.D.
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President