Leadership, Change, and Positive Attitude

Welcome to our Career Center! We invite you to explore it and get a feel for IDEC, not just the IDEC “story,” but the people behind the story, who are truly the heart and soul of IDEC.

At IDEC we welcome and encourage leadership, the ability to manage change and a positive attitude.

Leadership is important at IDEC because we strive to set new standards of care in the treatment and management of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Our purpose is to develop products that significantly improve the quality of life for people who suffer from illnesses such as low grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, systemic lupus, and psoriasis.

The ability to change is also critical because innovation and quality are major drivers of success in our industry. We encourage employees to look at their jobs with a fresh perspective and to continually seek ways to improve their performance. Still, we wish to change and adapt without compromising our cherished core values. In addition to creating new standards of care, we also value:

  • Trust, honesty, integrity and quality
  • Team as a source of strength
  • Zeal and commitment
  • Growth and renewal

Positive Attitude
Finally, a positive attitude is essential because optimists tend to be problem-solvers who create opportunities out of challenges. We believe each employee has a positive contribution to make every day to our culture, to our future, and most importantly to the health and welfare of our ultimate customer, the patient.


Thank you for considering the IDEC team.