IDEC Culture

Below is a representative sample of the people you will meet within the IDEC community.

Tom Basinski, Senior Oncology Immunology Specialist – IDEC’s commitment to people, the inherent honesty and integrity that is exhibited every day, and the focus on teamwork make this company a terrific place to work. I really like knowing that the products we manufacture have a profoundly positive effect with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Carol Gardner, Manager, Clinical Data – There are three main reasons I work for IDEC. Our products make a difference in people’s lives. I respect and enjoy my co-workers. Most of all, IDEC supports me and values my input, allowing me to learn and actively participate in all aspects of the clinical research process.
Cheryl Heard, Scientist II, Molecular Biology – I work at IDEC because I enjoy the science and the people. Working in a field that is constantly changing is both challenging and stimulating. The best thing about my job is that after eight and a half years at IDEC, I still learn something new every day.
Ramon Juarez, Assistant I, Process Sciences – Working for IDEC over the past eight years, I’ve been given many opportunities to enhance my career as well as continue my educational development. I am proud to work for IDEC. This company cares about its employees and trains them to really care about doing a good job.
Jim Merritt, Supervisor, Cell Culture – IDEC is the first company that has made me feel like I was part of a family and a valuable member of a team. I also like my job because every day I’m helping to make a drug that has the power to change the lives of patients and their families.
Michio Nishida, Representative Director, IDEC Seiyaku – When lymphoma killed my young daughter, I determined to have a job that contributed to the development of treatments for that disease. Now, I assist IDEC’s Japanese partners in a variety of ways, allowing me to promote both IDEC’s success and that of its collaborators.
Ken Toles, Group Leader, Cell Culture – IDEC’s core values empower the members of our team to make the most of their responsibilities and to create opportunities for themselves. In addition, being part of a company that impacts people’s lives so positively gives me a sense of pride.